About Me

{ Michigander • First-Time Mom • Food, Beer & Wine Enthusiast • Better Beauty Educator & Activist • Living & Cooking in Love & Light }


I started this blog because it makes me happy to create recipes, share experiences and connect with like-minded people! It continues to inspire & challenge me to be the healthiest happiest version of myself. It brings joy, light and love to my house and my life!

I am a life-long vegetarian who married an Oklahoma man who was raised on meat and potatoes. He’s challenged me to create heartier meals and I’ve introduced him to local crops and whole clean ingredients. I am passionate about spices and herbs, fresh ingredients and simple tastes. This clean lifestyle has spread from my kitchen into my entire life and has made me more conscious about things I put on my (and my baby’s) skin and what I bring into our home.

Since I’ve started sharing with you all, I’ve had career changes and a cross-country move. I’ve started a family and a small business! Thank you all so much for following & supporting me!


{ Cheers to a Little Love & Light from my Life to Yours! }

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Mrs. Kneisel and I are happy to find your blog. As Newbees to the vegetarian scene (we started out with Vegan but I miss my cheese), we are trying your recipe ideas as a learning experience. Thank you so much for sharing.

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