I am not a mommy blogger. I’m not even a blogger.

I share recipes here for fellow vegetarian enthusiasts. I was tired of people asking me for vegetarian ideas and not having one place with all my best recipes so I launched loveandlightkitchen.com.

I still love food, but I have less time to cook since becoming a mom. I still document meals and recipes (when I remember), but my online presence now consists more of inspiration quotes and, of course, photos of my child. Yes, I’m THAT girl now. I’d apologize, but I’m not sorry. I love sharing snapshots of my life with my toddler.

I also love the mom tribe I have cultivated through social media. I have great friends and family around me, but sometimes I make even deeper connections with acquaintances from other areas of my life that I’ve kept in touch with, and now, we’ve joined the mommy club together.

Since having Eliza, I’ve posted less and less on here, and I’m trying to decide how I’d like to use it moving forward. Of course, I will continue to document my favorite vegetarian recipes, I will keep sharing my passion for safer better products, but I think I’m going to try sharing a bit more about my life as it’s evolved. I hope you all stick around!

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