{ Vegetarian Thanksgiving }

It’s that time of year! Here are all my favorite vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes again!


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love to surround myself with friends, family, food & drinks…with no pressure to give gifts, just enjoy being together. I’m thankful for this season every year and I soak up every moment I can, celebrating Friendsgiving, Drakesgiving (our Drake family dinner), Drinksgiving (doesn’t that sound fun), and of course my traditional trip home to the mitten to see my parents for Thanksgiving!

The question I get the most when people first find out I’m a vegetarian is, “What do you eat on Thanksgiving?” I understand that turkey is a staple to many families’ Thanksgiving spread, but when I’m asked this, I just smile and say, “Everything but the turkey!” Are people forgetting about EVERYTHING ELSE that is served for Thanksgiving? What about the cranberries, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, salads and more? What about the baked brie appetizers, pumpkin pie and endless other baked goods. I can…

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