{ Party Punch }


This is a party punch recipe I have made several times for all different events, from Tacky Christmas to summer showers and parties! This recipe packs a punch of tart and is definitely refreshing.

{ ingredients }

  • 1 bottle of prosecco (here is one of my favorites)
  • 2 bottles of dry white wine (I usually go with a sauvignon blanc)
  • 1 can of frozen cranberry juice
  • 1 can of frozen pink lemonade
  • 1 can of frozen limeade
  • 1/2 bottle of sparkling water (or ginger ale if you prefer sweeter)
  • Garnish as you prefer (here I just used blueberries, but sometimes I do blueberries, sliced limes and mint)

{ directions }

  1. Using a drink container or large punch bowl, add prosecco, wine and frozen juices. Stir until combined and then add sparkling water and fruit for garnish.
  2. Serve alone or with ice.

This photo is a punch from a friend’s bachelorette party from the weekend! We named it a “Wicked Walker” for her new last name, Walker! I have made this for Christmas with cranberries, mint and limes and called in “Jingle Juice!” It has always been a crowd pleaser, no matter the name! What’s your favorite punch recipe? Cheers!





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